We produce and supply exceptionally high quality organic meat – produced with the animal, environment and consumer’s health in mind.

We place strong emphasis on our animal’s welfare. It is paramount to observe the health of the animal and procedures are in place to give it a quality life.

Our animals are raised the way nature intended.

They graze on pastures totally clean of any synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The animals are free of antibiotics and growth promotants.

Like us, our vast network of certified organic producers, are focused on raising livestock in a clean, green and sustainable manner.

We all play a very important role in helping to regenerate and protect the environment as well as supplying our customers with a totally organic and clean product.

ethical meat production - Matt O'Leary
People want to know how their food is produced and that livestock and the environment are cared for.
— Matt O'Leary, AOM Director and Fourth Generation Farmer