Consistent and quality certified organic meat

Certified organic meat supplier - Australian Organic Meats Group

The Australian Organic Meats Group is a certified organic meat supplier with a network of cattle producers located in premium cattle growing regions. These areas are renowned for their plentiful fertile pastures and undulating farmland, producing healthy and happy cattle

Due to our close relationship with producers along the certified organic meat supply chain, we are able to consistently supply a high quality product. Our farmers share our values of sustainable farming while creating a high quality product.

The diversity of the locations our network of producers are based ensures we can supply a high quality product all year round. Not only does this benefit our valued consumers but we are able to support more family farming operations across a broad geographical region in Australia.

We will consistently supply premium quality, grass fed, Australian certified organic beef.

What we offer you

  1. Delivering cost effective organic beef products and driving sales with reduced pricing.

  2. Helping broaden your organic range.

  3. Offering a future-proofed diversity of supply strategy.

  4. Rewarding and supporting producers and consumers with our contracted pricing strategy.

  5. We have a demonstrated willingness to invest in new technology and equipment quickly to respond to new product development.

  6. We have proven success in managing growth and development of new programs

  7. We will focus on better performance for the organic category with a dedicated philosophy of creating and maintaining productive partnerships across the supply chain.